Born in Germany-Berlin and raised in Kosovo, Larglinda Ilazi is an albanian fashion designer and the owner of the Larglinda Ilazi Fashion Brand. She is a hip and a dedicated professional with energy, a solid record of accomplishments and an extensive involvement in her field of skill. Larglinda believes in utilizing her impeccable fashion skills to always design clothes that not only perfectly fit her client’s requirements but also exceed their expectations.
Ever since she was young, Larglinda has always been passionate about fashion. She created dresses for her dolls when she was young putting her passion to practice. She later then moved on to study Economics which she realized was not what she wanted from life. She took a leap of faith and moved to New York in 2014 where she immediately started studying fashion design. After a few years of hard work her long awaited dream was brought to life as her first collection made its way to New York Fashion week runway spring/summer 2017. This was a turning point for her as her work was now earning her reputation, respect and accolades. What’s more, she got the great opportunity to work with different talented people who put her work in the media and press. After another year her second collection was viewed in the Spring/Summer 2018 New York Fashion Week. This experience allowed her to greatly grow and master her skills and influenced her decision to launch her own fashion brand, Larglinda Ilazi. With her brand she designs elegant; evening dresses, casual dresses and red carpet dresses.
Her ability to keenly and readiness learn the new trends in the fashion industry  and a penchant for excellence is what has seen her get to where she is today and makes her work spectacular and unique